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Once our clients place order for their goods, we allow them to make use of our warehouse facilities over a certain period of time while they make other needed arrangements. Our state of the art ware house facilities will always keep your products in the best of state.
The good news is while your products are in our ware house facilities, we bear 100% responsibility to make sure that it remains in the best of condition. Its no wander some people can allow their goods to remain in our ware house facilities for extended period of time.
We are able to store products bought for us in our ware houses for a period of six months without charging our customers any extra money. After six months we may charge a minimal fee for the safe keeping of your products.
Keeping the products of our clients in our ware houses, we make sure that they have complete access to their goods 24 hours a day all year round. You will always find our doors open when you need us.